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    About The Frank Terrazas Scholarship Program

    In 2012, Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros partnered with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) to create the Frank Terrazas Legacy Scholarship Program. The beneficiaries of this couple's philanthropy are the graduates of El Rancho High School located in the city of Pico Rivera.

    "The Frank Terrazas Legacy Scholarship is named after my grandfather, a former mayor and city councilman for the city of Pico Rivera. Though he was never able to attend college, he believed that education could  transform families and communities, and he instilled these vaules in his family.

    This scholarship is a reflection of that ideal and it is rooted in the community my grandfather and the Cisneros family, have loved and supported, by directly affecting a future generation of college graduates. The Frank Terrazas Legacy Scholarship is more than a scholarship check; it is our family's conmitment to fulfill a vision.

    The people of Pico Rivera mean so much to us and we believe helping more young people go to and graduate from college can make a real difference in their lives and the life of a community we love" - Jacki Cisneros

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